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Number of registered Online news portals climbs to 3,935 in Nepal

Kathmandu, 28 Apr 2023, Online media outlets have recently increased in number across the country. Currently, there are 3,935 online news portals registered in Nepal.

The Press Council Nepal reports that more than 440 new online media outlets have been registered in the nation so far in the current fiscal year 2079/80. Some online media’s quality is still up for debate. It has to be well-regulated with the compliance of ethics, as some online journalists are found publishing and disseminating news against the code of ethics.

Balkrishna Basnet, president of Press Council Nepal, indicated his concern that there are more online media outlets now, but their credibility is decreasing. He emphasized that quality and reliability should be taken into consideration because there is a flood of online registration from backgrounds and studies other than journalism. According to him, the Press Council has been holding regular orientation sessions for online operators and editors with a range of backgrounds for a year and will keep doing so.

The number of online media is growing daily, but the quality of news is decreasing. According to Basnet, the issue has gotten more serious because a greater number of individuals with backgrounds outside of Journalism are operating online media. Orientation classes have been started to solve these problems and develop clean and dignified journalism.